Friday, February 17, 2012

Duke's Claims Questioned

I recently bit he bullet & subscribed to the Cincinnati Business Courier. I have long held that business leads our society & not government, furthermore while the Fishwarp is adequate, it tends to dwell on sensationalism. The TV coverage of our community is nothing but alarmist soundbites and emergency run coverage - cherry picked emergency run coverage ~ Follow the Gun.
While the Friday edition of the Fishwarp announces the groundbreaking of the Cincinnati streetcar project amongst, Stuff video a YouTube hit, Pickup dangles off railroad bridge after riding on tracks, Blake Shelton delivers love songs with an edge, Teen testifies against stepfather in rape trial & Gunman prompts SWAT standoff - the Business Courier actually did some investigation into Duke Energy's inflated utility line movement costs in relation to the streetcar installation.
"Many communities have utilities located much closer to their streetcar rails – with no problems."
Tim Borchers, owner of Tampa-based City Rail Solutions LLC, said utilities often see streetcar projects as a way to get their aging infrastructure replaced at no charge.
"If you went to Europe and talked about the utility thing, they would laugh"

To find out more, pick up a copy of the Cincinnati Business Courier wherever they are sold or subscribe to get the whole article and many more informative articles about what is really going on the the greater Cincinnati region (besides murder, rape & YouTube news) every Friday. (Actually, one quibble with the rag is that they use the Greater Cincinnati region & simply Cincinnati interchangeably, but most people around here do the same thing anyway, so…..)

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