Wednesday, February 22, 2012

COA T Co-Founder, Tom Brinkman, is running for the 27th House District in the March 6th primary. Brinkman spent eight years representing the 34th District of Ohio. He apparently is unable to wean himself off the public teat.
Brinkman has sought a seat in congress twice only to have his ass handed to him by eerily hot Jean Schmidt. In his time in the Ohio house he has garnered a reputation for being hard to deal with. He has wasted taxpayers time and money pushing legislation he admitted would not pass. He used state money to buy grills for his neighborhood's park. At one point Columbus Monthly rated Brinkman "the single worst legislator in the 132-member General Assembly".
"Those surveyed ranked him as least knowledgeable, least hardworking, least likable, least compassionate, and least savvy."
When not trying to control your sister's uterus, Brinkman has been adamant about denying civil rights to homosexuals. That landed him in some hot water when his petition circulators falsified documents. The judge in the case, Ruehlman, a Republican, had this to say:
"I still think the real culprit is Rep. Brinkman.
I know politics, somehow (Brinkman) falls between the cracks and is not prosecuted - the guy in power is the one who should have been indicted."
Brinkman's shady politicking goes beyond sex, tho. His moral crusade led him to another ballot scheme funded by out of state entities & his teaming up with ministers who proclaimed,
a tax hike would be preferable to slots
And, Brinkman's efforts to stop slots in Ohio did indeed result in higher taxes for Ohioans. Mysteriously Brinkman & his cronies didn't try to stop a Republican governor from putting slots in race tracks. In fact one of those cronies is actually serving in Kasich's administration.
Lately Brinkman has railed against libraries having media other than books on their shelves.
Despite Brinkman's efforts to outlaw abortion in Ohio, Ohio Right to Life has not given him their endorsement in this latest election cycle.
The Cincinnati Enquirer (R) had this to say about Brinkman:
"The issue here is Brinkman's lack of effectiveness.
Few lawmakers are as honest, principled and consistent as Brinkman. But he exhibits those qualities to a fault, coming off as stubborn, ideologically rigid and unwilling to compromise. He's made many enemies in Columbus by refusing to see anyone else's side of things. This has limited his ability to work with others and get things done."
Obviously, Enquirer editors have a different view of ethics than Judge Ruehlman.
Brinkman, with his convenient morals, his inability to work with others, his shady dealings & unethical politicking, is clearly NOT a good choice for Ohio.

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Mark said...

Brinkman flat out lied to me in a letter claiming that he supported libraries. I think he imagines that he's Sarah Palin and just loves media attention.

Quimbob said...

He opposed a state funding cut for libraries but that just gets back to his big state government philosophy. He suggested the state take over local health clinics, too. That local Libertarians support this schmoe is really weird.