Monday, February 20, 2012

What to do With a Dead Golf Course ?

How about filling it with dead golfers?
Well, it needn't be golfers but how about a body farm? The city is wondering what to do with the Dunham Golf Course in West Price Hill. 14 acres of green space would be great for a body farm for Criminal Justice students to use for forensic studies and the cost to establish it seems pretty nominal. Currently, locals have to travel 100s of miles to visit one of these facilities. Between the various schools with criminal justice programs in the area, the College of Mortuary Science, The Champion company up the street in Springfield & the FBI in the swank NE suburbs, it seems we could have plenty of demand for such a facility here. Add the economic impact of these guests on chili parlors, hotels & entertainment to the fees they would pay to use the farm & we could make out like rats.

Fishwarp story here


Nemo Wolfe said...

Well, it is conveniently located next to the potter's field. No kidding.

Quimbob said...

the more the merrier