Thursday, April 24, 2014

Compromise Solution

Here are the trees David Mann wants to remove & pave over to make a wide sidewalk that bicyclists can share with pedestrians, some with mobility issues.
What could go wrong?
What's been lost in the argument about a 'protected' bike lane in front of 2145 Central Parkway is that the building also backs onto Central Avenue (you might say the building is centrally located) where there is more parking as well as entrances to the building.
There is also a stairway to the left/north of the building.
So, here's my solution.
The owner of the Mohawk building can knock a hole in the east side of his basement wall and let drivers enter via Central Avenue, drive through the building and park in the subway tunnel under the Parkway. Not only would this solve the problems & save the trees, it would provide safe, dry parking for the employees & customers in the building.

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5chw4r7z said...

I think this whole deal is more to prove to the urbanists that the mayor and Mann are really in charge.