Sunday, April 27, 2014

Voting GOP

As I look over my GOP primary ballot, I see most races are unchallenged and I won't be voting for any of the candidates in the November election. 2 races are contested with 3 women & 3 men running for the district state central committee. Can't find anything on a couple of them. One guy is an ex-Democrat. One guy is an 82 yr old career politician. One lady, the incumbent (the male position is currently vacant) is absolutely batshit crazy. She has a challenger who I disagree with on practically everything but, at least, seems sane & mature. The sane lady claims the crazy lady set up a fake Twitter account to sully the sane lady's reputation. Indeed, the crazy lady's website is mainly juvenile attacks on the sane lady.
So I can do this one of two ways.
1. Vote for the sane lady & maybe bring the GOP back a little closer to reality.
2. Vote for the crazy lady & give the party another nudge into chittering oblivion.
decisions, decisions...

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