Sunday, April 06, 2014

Occult Detective

One of the ideas I had for a comic book character was an average private detective who got a case involving some cultists that had nothing to do with occultism, but it got him the reputation for actually knowing something about the stuff so he got case after case & found himself learning more & more as he went along.
His character would have developed similarly to the way the W
Willow character evolved in Buffy the Vampire Slayer many years later.
Constantine (the movie) and Supernatural (the TV show) would also be kinda comparable but I had no idea to engage heaven & hell, angels & stuff. I certainly would today. Actually, one of my issues (besides lack of ambition) was that I didn't really know anything about the occult ot the supernatural other than movies & comic books.
If only I had persevered in my dream to be an underpaid comic book creator getting ripped off by publishers, I could have traveled around to comic book conventions & sat at tables signing crap for people I would never in a 1,000 years associate with otherwise.
ah, dreams...

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