Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Luken v. Winkler

Glad WKRC is getting these political candidate Newsmakers shows out earlier that usual this year.
Dan Hurley interviews Charlie Luken & Ralph Winkler/
BiC HATES political dynasties & this is a war between dynasties but as much as I dislike both of these guys, Winkler comes off really bad. Luken is a much better speaker & that makes sense with his experience as a TV announcer. Winkler's voice is what it is, but his body language is terrible.
Add to that, the Winklers belief that they shouldn't have to take budget cuts when the county is hurting for money, that they should get free junkets off to posh resorts, I don't see this guy as someone I want on the bench.
We're going to have to go with Luken on this one.

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