Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Are Republicans Really Humans ?

This ad kinda makes you wonder if Republicans are actually being a little too defensive.
Does anybody really think Republicans are not humans?
In a study 11% of Americans weren't sure if the planet was controlled by shape shifting alien lizard men and when you break it down by political party, Republicans believe more than 2 - 1 the space aliens rule the world over Democrats. Republicans believe Bigfoot exists a little less than half the number Democrats do.
The notion that these space aliens live in caverns and manipulate us with rays, chem-trails, electronic broadcasts are nothing new, there were David Icke's Anunnaki and Ray Shaver's Deros, and John Carpenter's They Live.
Basically, the Republicans are a little more concerned with mythical beings & conspiracies than Democrats. Is this an ad meant to soften their image or just a crack into their paranoid fantastical minds?
Or are they just trying to throw us off?


esbboston said...

FuNNy title

Quimbob said...

you don't understand - THIS IS A WARNING TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH!!