Friday, October 03, 2014

What do you want for your last ride?

1 in 15 funerals use non-traditional hearses.
Could custom vehicles lure people away from cremation?
Unfortunately funeral prices continue to increase and cremation is becoming more popular every day, so maybe funerals & processions featuring special vehicles may become a popular oddity for the wealthy that might attract attention from the lower castes. Maybe Funerals of the Starz could be a hit & those guys who customize cars on the History Channel can get in on the act.

Guardian article here


Gassyknoll said...

That would be a Pontiac, I'm guessing about 61.

I like hearses.

Quimbob said...

Gassy, are you hip to the annual Spring Grove Cemetery car show next Sunday on 10/12?
They have some hearses but not as many as you'd expect at a cemetery show.

Gassyknoll said...

I've heard of it, never been. May have to make the journey.

I just saw an article about the world's biggest collection of hearses in Hell, Michigan, recently.

Quimbob said...

cool, I think there's a big hearse show in California today.
There's a website with a FB presence called Grim Rides. They come up with some good shit.