Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why Does Cincinnati Hate Itself?

While Pasadenians invest in and restore a Gamble house, Cincinnati tears theirs down. While a Crosley estate in Cincinnati sits largely ignored & unused, a Crosley estate in Sarasota has events pretty much every holiday.
What gives? Cincinnatians give less of a fuck about the people who put the city on the map than people off in sun splashed touristy areas where the Cincinnati families just went to vacation?


Paul Wilham said...

Absolutely spot on. Cincinnati Preservation is a national laughing stock. Gamble gone, Corryville gone, Glencoe Gone, Arch street Gone, Soon to all of South Fairmount for a glorified drainage ditch.

Quimbob said...

oh, yeah, & the Theda Bara home in Cincinnati is gone while her home in L.A. is maintained & in use.