Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Grateful Dead at Columbus Vet's Memorial 1978

I had been to quite a few Grateful Dead concerts by 1978. I was well versed in Dead lore. I had done the acid, smoked the hash...
One of my buds had been in the band's official fan club which offered some really cool benefits. By 1978 I was starting into the punk scene that had simmered for awhile in '76 and had erupted in '77. I had a Grateful Dead uniform with workboots, flannel shirt etc. I took great delight in wearing said uniform to punk shows. It pissed off the punks who were trying to outrage everybody with their dress. Go figure.
This was probably the worst - the most commercial Dead concert I had ever attended. The gypsies who followed the band around were really starting to assume a level of professionalism. The jock fratboys were all fans now. I remember that whenever Garcia or Weir used a profanity - the crowd would erupt in cheers. I was barely in my 20s and I felt like one of the old timers and the lack of real old timers was pointedly evident.
I am pretty sure this was the last Dead show I attended.

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