Monday, April 20, 2009

The Springfield Symphony 1979

I got no idea what was performed this evening. My mom had been a president of the Springfield Civic Theatre for a couple years and would buy 1 season ticket to the Springfield Symphony Orchestra as a sort of reciprocal arts organization president kinda thing. Dunno if her counterpart reciprocated or not. She had no interest in attending the concerts so she gave me the tickets. While I attended Clark Technical College, now Clark State, I got free admission to the symphony, too.

One year my (my mom's) season ticket was in the 2nd row center in the first balcony. It was usually almost this full in the late 70s.

So, for a few years, I got to see the symphony for free.
They were ok. Some of the musicians were also in the Dayton and Cincinnati Symphonies, probably Columbus', too. Springfield society was still showing up, high school teachers would be there and act happy to see their old nemesis again. It was fun.
I was in and out of almost every nook and cranny of the auditorium in the course of about 20 years. it's sad to see what has become of it.
The Symphony now plays in the Clark State auditorium. It's really great to see the town still has an orchestra.


CityKin said...

It is so good to see a town this size keep its symphony. My neighbor in OTR is the concertmaster, or at least she was last year.

Quimbob said...

Sujean KIm ?
(I looked it up - I didn't know)
From what I found, that chick works too hard !

CityKin said...

yes, that is her.