Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mt Lookout Citizen of the Year

Mt Lookout has chosen their Citizen of the Year, Congressman Tom Brinkman jr.
They cite his efforts to get state money to fund their upscale neighborhood's recreational facilities.
Mr Brinkman is a fiscal conservative (when his friends and voting neighbors don't benefit from the spending) and a cherry picking libertarian. He has wasted taxpayers money pursuing legislation aimed at requiring teenage girls to bear the awful fruit of their rapists, admitting that he knew the legislation would go nowhere. He has tirelessly fought against legal protections for homosexuals. His obstructionist organization, COAST, has been an exercise in jacking up the cost and reducing the effectiveness of local government.
Go Mt Lookout !

Mt Lookout also chose Mary Vockell, a crossing guard for 27 years, who will be retiring in June, as a Citizen of the Year.
Attending to the safety of over a generation of students is, indeed, something to be noted.

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