Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Sillyman City ?

Thugggery has a long, established role in politics both governmental and social. Sadr, Corleone, Jones are a few of the names of people who, from weakness of character, have, through the power of fear, laid claim to positions of authority that have been maintained through demands of fealty and the threats of terror, extortion and blackmail.
CityBeat reports that Cincinnati's Sillyman has issued "warnings" to the LGBT community to not challenge him. He claims that by not "buying a table" (kissing his ring), he has no obligation to their community.
This request for obeisance is interesting given the comment by the Renfield of Sillyman, inferring that Sillyman's opposition to a streetcar plan might be assuaged if the promoters were to make Sillyman an "offer".
Now the silly one has issued "warnings" to the mayor and the GLBT community.
These actions are more in line with a gangster than the leader of a civil rights organization. Of course, many his actions with the NAACP have been well outside the issues of civil rights, such as his obstructing transit programs and demanding money from the mayor for pet real estate projects.
Civil rights aren't something you trade with. To take a position to stand up in their defense is to assume a grave responsibility and not a job for a hustler.

For a more fair and balanced viewpoint, go here.

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