Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wall of Voodoo 1983

These guys were pretty silly. I think they wanted to write scores for movies & wound up in the middle of the MTV craze of the 80s. They had one hit, Mexican Radio. I related to it because I really like foreign TV and radio. Mexican TV game shows are a complete trip. Their only competition for utter bizarrity would be the Japanese shows. Somehow, I think understanding the language wouldn't make the shows any less bizarre.
For a real treat, check out Luchadores Enmascarados movies. The Blue Demon is a true hero. The DVDs I have found have no subtitles.
If you have a penis and don't mind paying insanely high prices for mediocre Mexican food, they play trailers for these movies above the urinals at Nada.
So - what was I talking about ?
Wall of Voodoo - yeah, they were ok.

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VisuaLingual said...

Yesss! Love them, in their own goofy way.