Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Apple's New Digs

Dunno why they didn't just go ahead & make it look like a Quicktime logo

This article discusses & has a video of Steve Jobs hawking his new Apple HQ to the Cupertino city council.
While there's some amazing stuff in the presentation, the most amazing thing is that he never asks the city for money. That would never happen around SW Ohio.


Mark Miller said...

So what does it take to attract something like an Apple Computer headquarters? A streetcar? Well developed public transit? Urban amenities?

Cupertino is largely suburban with no passenger rail of any kind, 90+%white, upper-class, with no dense downtown. Heck they don't even have a bus system. They are to San Fran what West Chester is to Cincy.

That seems to typify the market these days.

Quimbob said...

What in the world are you talking about?

WestEnder said...

Mark Miller is right. The fact that a large company in a tech-friendly California region wants to build a large HQ in the same place they've always been since they were a small company in a tech-friendly California region proves that investment in downtown Cincinnati is a bad idea.

CityKin said...

the suburban corporate headquarters campus is losing its charm