Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Restricting Our Way to Prosperity

Remember the 2010 election? Remember the message? JOBS, ECONOMY, 300,000 LOST JOBS, NO NEW JOBS, AN ENTREPRENEURIAL ENVIRONMENT, HOPE
What did we get?
Outlawed passenger rail, mass transit cuts, eviscerated schools in favor of a failed charter school system, gave away liquor sales money to an unaccountable venture capital scheme, trampled womens' rights virtually outlawing abortion, privatized prisons using unproven theories, expanded gambling against the voters' wishes, attempts to compensate teachers, police and firemen as poorly as possible, more state laws restricting municipal authority, bait and switch legislation and taxation.
What's next?
Boy Howdy. Instead of freeing up alcohol sales, legislators have decided to continue to restrict beer content in Ohio while neighboring sates, Indiana, Michigan & Kentucky impose no such restrictions. Talk about making the state competitive.
You ever think you've been lied to?

Dayton Daily Noose story here.

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