Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Stuck In A 2D World

It appears that Springfield's monopoly cinema ownership plan isn't paying the dividends they expected. None of the Chakeres cinemas have gone digital yet, hence - no 3D for the Champion City.
I was raised, like my mom, going to Chakeres theaters in Springfield. I went to school with the kids who, I guess, now run the show. I felt weird going to their competitors theaters. Nowadays I have no more desire to watch a movie in a dark room full of strangers than to read a book projected on a screen in a dark room full of strangers.
I have always found 3D movies to be cheesy & gimmicky with directors "creating" scenes for the effect that have nothing to do with good 2D layout. While the technology may have improved of late, I'm not so sure my aging hardware is compatible anyway.
Still, I worked in an industry dominated by film and, after years of hearing the industry would soon be filmless, it finally was. The Sleeping Giant needs to get a move on.
Anyway, I'm surprised the author of this Noose Son article didn't find any film enthusiasts who, like vinyl enthusiasts like their music on old LPs, prefer their movies on film, scratches & all.
Yes, there was a time when scratches weren't a post production effect.
Well, ok, it was a post production thing, but…..


Teresa Shouvlin said...

I hope they will always show celluloid film at The Little Art Theater in Yellow Springs. It would be too bad if they went digital.

Quimbob said...

I thought about them after I posted. They show both film and digital. Even one of the Esquire rooms is digital.
I want to say M$oft gave the Esquire equipment in exchange for free advertising. Maybe that's what the Little Art did - they are a 501c.