Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whither the Old SCPA ?

Originally posted in January.
Cincinnati's old SCPA building is probably one of the most beautiful warehouses in the world. Valued at over $10 million, it is probably one of the most expensive per square foot, too. It's proximity to the future casino has any number of possible developers as well as community leaders thinking.
Unfortunately, state law forbids the school board from selling the property, instead demanding it be offered to the someone involved in the failed Ohio charter school program. Would we want these guys getting their mitts on this place? While almost unfathomable, I think that would be worse than CPS owning it. Otherwise getting real estate, especially prime real estate out of the hands of Cincinnati Public Schools hands can almost always be a good thing.
Will our new TEA inspired Republican Ohio let CPS sell the property to a private developer? It would seem to fit into their smaller, less intrusive, business-friendly rhetoric. Or will their blind hatred of public schools & the dreaded, evil teachers lead them to "just say no" to any request by a school district?

WCPO 6/22/11 story here

WLWT 1/13/11 article here.

For images of the building & it's interior, click, here.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't they sell, like they did Fairview, Heberle, etc a couple years back? I saw the "lease schools for a buck" proposal, but I didn't understand that to mean CPS is prohibited from selling....?