Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ohio Cities & Police Numbers

As Ohio cities grapple with diminishing tax revenue, cutting into their safety budgets has become inevitable. Urbana has cut 14% of their officers giving the city 1.6 officers/1,000 residents. Cincinnati is around twice that with about 3.3/1,000.
One of the budget saving options law enforcement is taking is going high tech.
"High-tech equipment like red-light traffic cameras and computerized dispatching systems help enforce the law with fewer officers and reduce redundancy in paperwork functions."

Cincinnatians, after a fear campaign by COA T & NAACP, banned red light cameras. Now we get to pay more for less service.
As the state gobbles up more and more of our tax dollars & offers less and less in return Ohio cities are going to be hurting. As the state hamstrings the cities through budget cuts and ham fisted legislation, there looks to be a very bleak future.

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