Wednesday, October 19, 2011

50 % Of Americans Say U.S. Should Legalize Pot

For the first time, since statistics were kept in 1969, 50 % of Americans say U.S. should legalize marijuana. A whopping 70% say it should be legalized for medical use. Folks over 65 are 35% in favor.
States and cities are saddled with millions of dollars of expenses fighting a hopeless war against Marijuana that is forced on us by the Federal Government. With the tight budgets we face today, eliminating the curden of enforcing this prohibition, enabling entrepreneurship and creating a new tax revenue stream makes perfect sense. Illegal pot dealers don't rent storefronts and contribute to society. Legal ones can and can be regulated to prohibit sales to minors among other things.
Will our congress listen?
doubt it

Gallup poll here.

NPR story here.

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