Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Contempt or Cowardice ?

Suppose you had a candidate forum and one party just refused to show up?
An environmentally themed group is hosting a candidate forum, "Greening Cincinnati: A Candidates' Forum" tonight from 5P to 8P at the Northside Tavern at 4163 Hamilton Ave. in Northside. Not one of the GOP endorsed candidates are planning to attend. To be fair Republicans running as independents or Charterites are showing up. Is good stewardship of God's green Earth so repugnant or insignificant to these fine conservatives that they can't face such a forum?

Mike Allen R/I
Kathy Atkinson I
Chris Bortz R/C
Nicholas Hollan D
Patricia McCollum I
Roxanne Qualls D/C
Laure Quinlivan D
Jason Riveiro D
Chris Seelbach D
Yvette Simpson D/C
PG Sittenfeld D
Cecil Thomas D
Wendell Young D

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Mark said...

I'm pleasantly surprised about Mike Allen.