Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupational Hazards

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While I agree with some of the OWS myriad positions, corruption, anti-social business practices & such, I don't think their methodology is very good.
The Tease got a lot of press protesting, shouting, screaming & disrupting Democrat's "Town Hall" meetings, but then they followed the advice Michael Moore had been giving liberals for years - take over the party.
For now, however, the Occupiers have run into the most obvious problem in their strategy - they are breaking the law spending the nights in the parks. The latest ploy in Cincinnati, to say parks must be open 24/7, that it's somehow a constitutional right, is hopeless & just another distraction. By allying with the destitute and homeless, they alienate the vast majority of the 99% they claim to represent & open themselves up to cynical attacks promoting guilt by association.
Furthermore, if you want to make a statement by hanging out outside, start in the spring. Riots, even battles were ended by poor weather.
People condemn marketing and advertising as being tools of the rich and corporations but any small businessman will tell you how important it is. These people need better marketing advice. There is a huge overlap between what these people and the Tease promote but I kinda doubt both sides' real agenda. The Tease have shown their true colors and I have no doubt the Occupiers are just as astroturfed. If they fizzle out, we might never know but if they actually organazize like the Tease we will find out. Both sides have some compelling arguments but I doubt they will ever work together on their common ground which is, unfortunately for them, whre the true majority resides.
Ya really want to hose Wall Street?

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Bill Landeck said...

Over at the Beacon, Tom Dutton wrote a piece about why he likes the OWS movement. I responded with,"If the movement wants to gain any positive traction, they are going to have to pay attention to the concerns of the middle 90%". It was deleted before it was posted.