Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jesusween ?

ok - first of all, iff you're going to recreate the word, use the right parts. Make it Jesuseen or something. Not sure what's wrong with Halloween anyway since, wasn't the dude hallowed?
Anyhoo, freaks out of Calgary are promoting Jesusween and will be handing out bibles on October 31. They also want kids to wear white instead of anything ghoulish or horrorific.


I guess the kids can go home, cop a sugar buzz & freak themselves out reading Revelations with flashlights under their chins.
I'm really all in favor of handing out alternatives to candy on Halloween. I have handed out CDs, comic books, trading cards…..
This effort to promote a religion could have some weird consequences, tho. What if people start handing out other religious texts? Will that be ok? Or will parents launch minor neighborhood crusades going on November 1st?
oh well...

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breeezewith4Es said...

The bible's got more horror stories than Stephen King.