Friday, October 14, 2011

Zombie Attack

Well, actually the zombie was attacked.
Pretty much a non-story, seems only the online Examiner covered it, a man dressed as a zombie Mohammed in a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, PA was attacked by a Muslim hothead. The guy dressed as a zombie pope (looking for little boys) went unmolested. Both were, apparently part of an Atheist group.
To say they were not trying to be provocative would be a stretch. The victim was filming the whole way. Judging by his ability to loudly and clearly proclaim, "He's choking me!" indicates he was not too severely attacked.
But, now, what do the parade organizers do? This was a parade on a public street. Do they ban costumes depicting religious figures? Do they ban the Atheist group? Either way, people would say they were caving to Muslims and tacitly endorsing Sharia Law. What PC do they wanna be?
IMHO, the zombie Mo (& zombie pope) & the Muslim attacker were both assholes. The Muslim guy was clearly out of line, tho, in the USA - the fist swinging ends at my nose sorta thing…. But the Atheist organization was kinda out of line being controversial in what was probably supposed to be a fairly benign community event.
It would be interesting to see who showed up at a zombie celebrity gathering, tho.

The story from Atlas Shrugs.

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