Monday, April 23, 2012

Chris & Chuck's Big Adventure

Missing from the Fishwarp's in depth reporting in Council divided on answer to violence were a few key points.
Regarding the increased cash prizes for citizens to speak up, he didn't exactly agree with Smitherman on just increasing the standards rewards, he said large rewards for specific cases would be a good idea.
He repeatedly answered the Windbag with the same answer as Chuck repeatedly tried to get Craig to denounce CIRV. Craig found some elements in the program worthwhile & some not. But the Windbag persevered & asked the same thing about 6 times.
On the question of what was different & unique about Cincinnati, Craig pointed out the huge number of unwed teenage mothers & their indifferent lackadaisical attitude towards their kids. He pointed out that kids need family & hope. If your dad doesn't care enough to even show up & your mom couldn't give a rat's ass, I think that might instill a level of abandonment & hopelessness in kids.
But whadda I know? Slitherman & the Windbag certainly didn't seem to care.