Saturday, April 07, 2012

Religion Done Right

While church attendance in America limps along with the same boring tradions, no attempt is made to introduce other traditions to spice up the lives of the faithful. Bavaria has the überkuhl Krampusnacht in December, Haiti adds it's own bit of fun to Easter.
In the week before Easter Judas arrives in Haiti in effigy. The figures are received well as an apostle of Jesus would be but come the Saturday after Good Friday, after hearing of Judas' betrayal, the Haitians hunt the effigies, that have been hidden overnight down & the folks beat, stab, & slice the things to smithereens. By the end of the day effigy body parts are strewn all over the towns, villages & roadways.

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Teresa Shouvlin said...

And they shall know us by our love, by our love...
Why don't they just drink and gamble like Catholics?