Thursday, April 05, 2012

The world has lost 2 pioneers in electronic arts recently - both Brits, Jim Marshall & John Crosfield.
The Marshall name is well known as he created the Marshall amplifier that has been so ubiquitous in rock/pop music.

Classic Marshall / Les Paul combination demo

John Crosfield worked in the printing business & came up with almost countless innovations, first for presses, assuring optimum ink flow & color registration and later, color separation & electronic imaging back before Adobe & Apple brought it to the cheaper desktop.

Pre Desktop imaging workstation
For a local connection - Crosfield created the first digital scanner and the first digital scanner installed in Cincinnati was a Crosfield at Vogt Color.
And, yeah, I have a Marshall amp & a Crosfield drum.

More on John Crosfield here
More on Jim Marshall here

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