Thursday, April 12, 2012

Councilman Desmond Strikes Again

With the councilman's latest ploy to grandstand on the taxpayer's dime, he has urged a Cincinnati council committee meeting to address a fairly nationwide issue, "black on black violence". Actually, looking at Africa & Haiti, it could be construed to be a fairly worldwide issue.
That most violent crime is between people who know each other & that people tend to be kinda ethnically tribal, the black on black as opposed to white on white or yellow on yellow or whatever is just normal. The predilection towards lethal force seems fairly unique, however (well, outside Islam).
But what can a city council do?
Seems like - after individuals & families, it's up to churches & other NGOs. Perhaps the NAACP & Baptist ministers Conference? Smitherman & Foster were very vocal about construction workers taking a day off work. Heck they got themselves arrested for it. Smitherman's NAACP & Foster's BMC have been active in opposing urban redevelopment that would bring jobs and economic opportunity to the area. They have fought waterworks reform suggesting people want to spread VD through the water supply in predominantly black neighborhoods on the radio. He has promoted the city engage in illegal eminent domain schemes on local access cable.
Since Smitherman has been on council he has fought to have taxpayers subsidize city workers moonlighting. He has demanded ethics training for councilmembers that already existed. He has fought for free parking outside city hall. He has warned his children about being victimized by whites.
Overall, the "black on black" violence issue hasn't been much of a priority. In his dust up with fellow councilman Thomas, he has suggested a number of private organizations but didn't mention Cincinnati police chief James Craig who, WVXU points out has been working with clergy in Avondale in efforts to curb violence.
Maybe if Smitherman actually did have a relationship with libertarian sources, as local liberal pundits mistakenly claim he does, he might be looking at a non government solution. Then again that would mean he actually wanted a real solution.

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