Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fishwarp V. Hamilton County Fair 2012

Daily Grooming Contest @ 2012 Clark County Fair
Last day to enjoy the 2012 Hamilton County Fair. The weather is perfect - might want some sunscreen. I have bitched & moaned about the coverage of the fair by the paper of record, The Fishwarp for a few years now. So what do we have from the Warpers for this year?
Well, the filthy 4H will not be there again so the threat of swine flu can't be leveled at the Hamco crowd. Well, WLW could wrangle it probably.
We have a story from a couple days before the fair opened with the GIC saying they would double last year's attendance (which would pretty much constitute a miracle). Probably discredits the guy & hopefully in jaded Gannetland sets him up for a fall.
Thursday we get an article alleging animal cruelty & threats of protests.
A listing in "things to do"
No pictures or galleries up. Did I mention the Springfield News Sun ran over 300 pictures from the Clark County Fair?
WXIX has some minor coverage of the fair their guy's entry into the Hamilton County Fair Celebrity Demolition Derby. Wonder why the Fishwarp didn't field anybody for the Celebrity Demolition Derby? Could it be that they have just whittled their staff down to just part time interns under 16 yrs old?

UPDATE: Hamilton County Fair announces attendance up 30% over 2011

Clark County Fair Winners link

Clark County Fair Scramble link

Clark County Fair link

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