Thursday, August 02, 2012

Preferential Treatment ?
People are claiming Cincinnati Councliman Chris Seelbach was trying to get preferential treatment when he phoned in an emergency call to the Cincinnati police after being assaulted the other night.
From the Fishwarp:
"Hyde Park resident Mark Miller is among those who dislike the impression they got when hearing Seelbach had invoked his city councilman title repeatedly during the 911 call. "If he was trying to misuse his position and the trust the voters placed in him to try to get to the head of the line, so to speak, that’s just disgusting""
The Hyde Park resident compares Mr Seelbach's being a victim of assault to committing a traffic offense. Some pretty perverse logic to be sure, but turning spin into twisting is the COA T way. I assume that's why the Fishwarp loves their bizarre-ass quotes.
No doubt the emergency care Ronald Reagan received after being shot also irks the Hyde Park resident as Reagan should have just taken his place in line at the ER like everybody else. Maybe getting shot equates to committing a hit & run…..

Ridiculous BS from the Fishwarp here.

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