Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taking on the World

Blue Ash City Council Meeting
After a cadre of obsessive malcontents from Cincinnati & Anderson Township converged on the city of Blue Ash to tell them how to do their business, complain about their inability to buy cars & ask the council to save Cincinnati from itself, there's been a bit of a backlash from Blue Ashers towards the cult's ringleaders.
After the councilmembers denounced them at the meeting, they offered this article to the media and now Blue Ash citizens have spoken up as well with Blue Ash Doesn't Need COA T's Criticism and Votes Don't Faze Group.
I'm no Lucy van Pelt (probably more of a Lucy Butler type) but there just seems to be a thread of irrationality belying some form of mental illness in this crew of malcontents. If Westwood wants the proceeds of the sale of property to Blue Ash to go to Lunken Airport then it should not accept any monies from this reconfigured deal. But the hallmark of mental illness is the irrationality so I doubt we will see that happen with Westwood or with the COA Tbots on Cincinnati City Council.
The above video was used without permission from this guy.

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