Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Ya Wanna Be a Zombie Hunter ?
Shoot Extreme, in walking dead infested Westchester, is offering zombie hunts using the same tech the military & police use for urban combat simulations. They use real firearms (converted - you have to use theirs) including Smith & Wessons, Glocks, pump-action shotguns and AR-15s. Apparently no clubs, blades, chainsaws, flame throwers or hand grenades. The ammunition is something called Simunition made for force-on-target (not people) exercises.
Cost is $25 & includes 1 firearm & 2 10 round clips. Extra clips are $10. Dunno about extra weapons.
Shoot Extreme promotes their lanes & shoot houses as being for "the rational rest of us".

Cincinnati Business Courier article here

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