Friday, August 10, 2012

Four Tales of Two Cities
A Blue Ash city council meeting involving renegotiating a 6 year old deal that a big unelected central government agency threatened to screw up drew a lot of citizen input & outrage. Why anybody thought Blue Ash would give a crap with how Cincinnati intends to spend the proceeds of the sale of a fairly pointless airport remains a mystery. Perhaps it's just the way the obsessive & pathological mind works. The deal's restructuring has been set down & that's what Blue Ash agreed to but an apparently paranoid Blue Ash resident continued to rant about how the city of Cincinnati will somehow screw over Blue Ash which is actually coming out a quarter million dollars ahead on the newly structured deal. In fact, the only threat to Blue ash was made by an organization the resident frequently supports.
Three media outlets have reported on this meeting but only one mentions Blue Ash City Council speaking negatively of local media & the sociopaths at COA T. Probably not surprising the non-profit source was the only one to mention that…..

WLWT's creative coverage here

The Fishwarps's Community Press in depth coverage here

WCPO's attempt with outrageous fear mongering by Chris Smitherman here

UrbanCincy's old school coverage here

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