Wednesday, April 03, 2013

People don't seem to understand the tactics of Chairman Brinkman's merry cadre. Why would a right wing group be opposed to the government getting out of the parking business & focussing on core responsibilities ? They never squawked when the Son of the Suburbs suggested the county sell off parking at fire sale prices and surrendering all control.
And what a difference with Chairman Tom when a Democrat & Republican governor propose the same idea.
When Ted Strickland was governor, he had a budget hole that needed to be fixed. He had a limited time to do it & he only had a few options. He opted to sell slots licenses to Ohio race tracks. Chairman Brinkman allied with Ohio clergy, some unnamed out of state financiers & threatened a referendum on Strickland's plan which, due to time constraints, wouldn't be feasible - he scrapped that idea and terminated tax breaks enacted by previous governor Taft. Republicans labelled Strickland a "tax hiker" and cost him votes. When Republican Kasich won the election, he promptly sold slots licenses to the race tracks with nary a peep from the chairman. In fact one of the guys from the chairman's junta took an appointment from Kasich. Payoff?
Now fast forward to The chairman's latest ploy in Cincinnati - it's the same plan. A budget needs to be had & the government put one in place but was thwarted by the chairman's cabal taking advantage the timing.
Don't Republicans like public private partnerships?
That's not the issue, policy isn't the issue, fiscal responsibility isn't the issue, good governance isn't the issue - the issue is Republicanism. They need to frame any Democrats as failures so they can get Republicans into office. ANY Republican - these clowns support Charlie Winburn.
It's a kinda scorched Earth / rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven sorta strategy.
It's certainly nothing good for SW Ohio.

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