Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chris Smitherman's Theme Song
While Slitherman intends to lock out the media from a NA CP meeting where members intend to seek his ouster, it's kinda hard to keep this stuff under wraps nowadays when everybody's phone doubles as a camera. Of course, now that he's an angry Republican, he might go all Steve Chabot on his splintering minions.
But what's the Sillyman want to hide? Is he afraid he might lose his temper? That his goons might get a little over zealous with the membership?

Fishwarp tells all here

UPDATE Well, apparently, it was a pretty raucous night at the NAATP as Smitherman's right hand man, racial separatist Jim Clingman, had police remove the executive board member who wanted to introduce a motion to ask the chapter president to resign before she could even speak. People outside urged members to join the newly formed local chapter of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network civil rights group.
"It’s a shame what the NAACP has come to be," Robert Richardson Jr. said. "He (Smitherman) tries to find a way to suppress those who disagree with him."
After the meeting, Smitherman fled the church flanked by bodyguards.


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