Sunday, April 14, 2013

Could It Happen Here ?
Greece has a lot of problems not the least of which is it's Golden Dawn Party. Long considered a joke, as hard times hit the ancient nation people are falling back on their bibles & guns and that just happens to be a prime message from the party. Their nationalistic & racial policies have garnered them a small share of the parliament. The members of parliament have diplomatic immunity so their actions, beating people they don't like & urinating on TV station doors goes on with no repercussions.
Could this happen here in the US?
Actually, Cincinnati has a gang that is similar in nature, the unholy alliance of COA T & the NA CP. These extremist fringe groups currently have a similar percentage of reps on the Cincinnati city council and, while they have no diplomatic immunity, they have tried to sue for the ability to lie with impunity - a major pastime for these agitators.
But a tendency towards violence? You tell me.
And there was the time Chris Smitherman had to be restrained from attacking someone at city hall..
And just who attacked councilman Seelbach on a downtown street? Neither of these groups, like the Golden Dawn, like gays much.
Similarly to Greece's Golden Dawn, they approach their cause with an almost religious fervor. Their rhetoric is often laced with biblical references and they might very well believe themselves. They don't seem to have an alliance with any churches - some members have actually been sued by their churches and Winburn seems to have ditched his church as soon as he got a job on council.
The closest parallel to mythology I can see is Smitherman's Cerberus to Finney's Hades. The problem here is that, when they think they need not answer to the laws of men, they solicit ballot signatures from the mentally addled, order signature collectors to fudge the forms & destroy newspapers with unflattering articles about them.
Their boys on the council, with their mad and frequently illegal schemes, are like the Mantle Brothers of Cincinnati politics.
Between madness, zealotry and ambition, there is no telling what they might eventually do. Just how far will they go ?

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