Monday, April 29, 2013

4 Reasons Funerals and Disney are Similar
A Simple, Village Undertaker, who happens to work for The Borg of funeral homes cites 4 reasons the funeral industry should look to Disney & the hospitality industry for a glimpse of the future.
  • Reason 1. Both deal with emotions.
  • Reason 2. Both are about memories.
  • Reason 3. Both are expensive outlays of resources.
  • Reason 4. Both rely heavily on their customers to refer friends and family to their services.
Probably the biggest most glaring difference is that Disneyland isn't real & your dead loved one is. Or was, maybe that's the loophole...
Funeral homes don't generally rely heavily on movie franchises & 3D cartoons, either.
I hope he doesn't want to introduce plushies and animatronics. Well, ok, I could go for animatronics maybe.

For the whole analysis go here

and just to fair, there's more than one Borg of the funeral industry.

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