Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When Civilization Goes Mad
This story kinda freaks me out. A guy up in Maine just splits home back when he was 20 to live alone in the woods. He survived by stealing food from nearby campgrounds. One of the few luxuries he had was a small portable radio that he used to listen to talk shows. heck, if I listened to local talk radio, I'd probably head for the hills, too. Anyway, he's doing his thing for about 27 years, some people living in the area just left food out or him to keep him from breaking in, and he finally gets caught stealing from a group camp.
OK, so now the various government agencies are going to spend a fortune incarcerating him, prosecuting him & "treating" him. The end result? This guy & everybody dealing with him are going to be miserable & the taxpayers will get fleeced in the bargain. Why not just let the guy live the way he had & just have "food drops" for the guy every week/month? It would cost less, he's been doing this for 27 years so people already know what he likes, and everybody will be happy.

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5chw4r7z said...

Society hates people that don't have mortgage and credit card payments.
That's his biggest sin.