Saturday, July 13, 2013

The differences in the handling of the cases of Pat Mahaney in Ohio and Trayvon Martin in Florida are interesting. With the recent passing of Mr Mahaney, the comparisons are clearer - sort of.
Mr Mahaney's death may or may not be attributed to his savage, pointless attack perpetrated by a pack out for blood. HamCo Prosecutor Joe Deters has requested an autopsy.
Mr Martin's death, while physically apparent, was due to either murder or self defense.
While the prosecution of Mr Zimmerman has bent over backwards to make a case against him that even the police department felt had no merit, the prosecution of the juvenile pack that beat Mr Mahaney to within an inch of his life, and maybe further, has bent over backward to give the vicious thugs another chance.
Now we are warned of riots/rebellions if Mr Zimmerman is acquitted. There was a peaceful protest regarding Mr Mahaney's beating staged by Five members of National Alliance. It was met with a rowdy counter protest 7 times greater in number with one counter protester getting arrested for his disorderly conduct. Source
What brings the courts, media & general populace to such wildly different conclusions & strategies? God have mercy on us all.

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