Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cranley and Qualls Wimp Out

Cranley and Qualls have agreed to debate but not til after the primary so they won't have to contend with any "outside the box", or in Noble's case, "outside the astral plane" ideas.
One appears to be a private affair for affluent businessmen on 9/17 & the second to be televised a couple weeks before the election on 10/15.
While my druthers are pretty obvious in this contest, this really smacks of elitism & Porktowners really deserve more than a 1 hour debate with these relatively conservative candidates.

Not much more at the Courier here

UPDATE: Sandra Queen Noble sums up the debates & Berns quits the race in protest. Noble to mayoral debate organizers:
Fuck you man. The two motherfuckers burn, Queen Noble is being robbed of the elections thanks to motherfucker such as yourself seeing the future and shit. The fuck you mean debate after the election robbing primary. It's a rip off for the incumbents in it self (sic).
Dirty motherfuckers are backed by dirty motherfuckers cheating the public out the best candidates so fuck you and the primary election. Queen Noble will debate now asshole.
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