Thursday, July 18, 2013

Annual County Fair Rants #1
With the Clark County Fair starting up July 19, the local paper, The Springfield News Sun is starting in on it's positive press campaign in the birhplace of the 4H. Today, they brought up Fair Food
Springfield resident Cathy Delk enjoys the animal shows and a few other things, too.
"Love the 4-H kids showing their animals," she said. "Love all the food served by the FFA groups and the Clark County Producers. Fair food in the midway is fun stuff, but the local stuff is the best!"
"But Quimbob, you're a fat slob who probably lives on coneys, cotton candy, taffy, caramel apples, those crispy waffle things with powdered sugar on 'em, cones of ice saturated with brightly colored artificial flavoring, root beer floats & such. What's the big deal?"
Well, while the Fishwarp writers are looking up synonyms for 'hot', 'boring' & 'old' and the executive staff is in the Fishwarp basement sacrificing pigeons in obscene rituals meant to induce some kind of violent sensation at the Hamilton County Fair - they are not alone in their disdain for the local fair. And I'm not even talking about the elitist Hamilton County 4H. No, out of the 49 bazillion restaurants in Cincinnati & Hamilton County - a fleet of food trucks that would make a US mechanized infantry division flinch - out of all the foodies & pop up kitchens in town - with one of the largest grocery chains in the world headquartered in Cincinnati - NONE of 'em go to the fair. Cincinnati, fuckin' Chilitown USA and you can't get a coney at the fair. Pizza from Pizza Hut?
Here's the straight dope Hamilton County food vendors - go to the fair, you will have a captive audience and no competition.

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