Tuesday, July 02, 2013

You can keep your civil war re-enactments

Civil War re-enactments are fairly lame. For starters, once the shooting starts, you can't see anything with all the smoke. This annual re-enactment of a Dacian / Roman battle from 101-106 and detailed on Trajan's Column leaves nothing to the imagination. Well, ok, blood, guts, smashed noggins & severed limbs…
But other than that, it looks pretty fun.
Dunno what anybody is saying but the Romans had a heckuva time getting across the Danube River (Ister) to get on with the invasion in the first place. For months the Dacians & Romans just walked up & down the river shouting obscenities at one another. That might be a fun re-enactment for Romanians & Bulgarians, too.

Romanian Insider article here

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