Sunday, July 28, 2013

How Can Columbus Screw Ohio Cities Again ?

In light of the state of Ohio wanting to ban traffic cameras, communities have pointed out that efficient, inexpensive technology saves lives, decreases catastrophic injuries, frees up law enforcement & EMT personnel and generates revenue to hire more police & EMT personnel. In some communities the ban might result in laying off these important safety personnel.
Opponents of the ban, including police groups, say cameras should be regulated to weed out bad actors, but not shut off entirely.
While this doesn't seem like an unreasonable stance, it's completely ignored by stalwart political whores like Ron Maag and Dale Mallory who continue to throw out the babies with the bathwater.
Springfield notes that citations, as well as crashes have declined since the implementation of the tech.
Springfield city manager, Jim Bodenmiller, noted:
if it was about revenue, we would have them everywhere and we wouldn’t have signs up warning people about it
Of course the obvious solution to the whole "profit is evil" argument is mandatory jail time, but, again, it's just political whoring.

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