Monday, October 28, 2013

Cranley & "Free Stuff"

Bad to Bizarre
John Cranley certainly has the gift of gab. Problem is, he's frequently just making stuff up as he goes. He loves offering free stuff, however. While the city's on street parking is in disarray to say the least, Cranley gushes over free parking at shopping centers & malls.
While he was all for law enforcement in the past - even if the costs could bankrupt the city, now he worries about strict enforcement creating an unfriendly environment.
"It goes up and up and up," Cranley said. "Do we think people aren't going to notice that?"
Apparently, in Cranley's populist utopia, prices never change. It was his obstruction to bus fare increases that hampered Metro's ability to do maintenance & provide raises to Metro workers whose wages hadn't kept up with inflation. Did he think nobody would notice?

Cincinnati Business Courier article here

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