Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Paranoid Realtors®

The Cincinnat area Board of Realtors® has released it's endorsements for Cincinnati City Council.
  • Kevin Flynn
  • David Mann
  • Amy Murray
  • P.G. Sittenfeld
  • Christopher Smitherman
  • Melissa Wegman
  • Charlie Winburn
Dunno what some of these guys have done to promote the real estate market in the area. I don't know what Charlie Winburn has accomplished at ll other than keeping the heating bills down. Hyde Park's biggest worry is maintaining the high property values in what's likely the nicest residential neighborhood in town. To that end, strict zoning enforcement is a top priority for the Parkers. Their favorite daughter, Amy Muuray's big claim to fame, from her short term on city council, was ramming a zoning variation through council. That makes sense. Chris Smitherman floated the idea (while channeling Mr Rogers) that the city should use eminent domain to seize people's personal property & redistribute it for cheap to "responsible" owners. That's bound to improve the local market. Who doesn't want to live in a city that will steal your property to give to someone it likes better. Nevermind the expense & unconstitutionality of the scheme. The Bored claims
With a majority of current councilmembers having already voted to increase property taxes by more than 20 percent, it’s easy to understand why [they would want a bunch of clowns elected to council]
Nice fear tactic but, while mathematically correct, most people would say it was a less than 1% increase in a part of the overall property tax.
Meanwhile the Bored did not endorse the candidates who created tools for neighborhoods to better control development in their communities thus keeping property values and quality of life up & candidates who moved to enable more business expansion in their neighborhoods like Quinlivan, Simpson, Seelbach & Young.
All I can figure is that The Bored spend a lot of time in their cars listening to Fear Channel & then relax at home with Faux News.

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