Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who Will John Cranley Represent ?

The Biznz Courier reports that John Cranley is doing ok raising cash from wealthy self interested benefactors like Phillips Edison, Buddy LaRosa, Neil Bortz, Otto Budig, Jeff Wyler, John Pepper, Bob Bedinghaus, George Vincent and Jeff Ruby.
Auto dealer Jeff Wyler is interesting given Cranley's support for rail transit. While he says he supports rail transit, in a recent interview, Rob Richardson couldn't find one example that Cranley actually did support. Typical...
The Fishwrap reports this could be the most expensive mayoral race in Cincinnati history.
The question is, with the big money behind Cranley, who will he represent? His wealthy patrons? Or the people of Cincinnati, many of whom are too poor to afford their products/services?


5chw4r7z said...

From everything he has said up to now I expect him to represent the anti-city groups that are backing him.

Quimbob said...

Looking over the reports, 10% of Cranley's money is from out of town.
He also appears to have far fewer contributors than Qualls.
He definitely appears to be the big business candidate.