Monday, October 14, 2013

Voter Harassment

The Ohio Voter Integrity Project has, with a CO    lawyer decided to harass & ultimately imprison a native son. WCPO has been complicit in aiding these crackpots in their character assassination of the guy.
Simes claims
It appears to me that this challenge is motivated by the fact that I publish UrbanCincy, in which I have expressed opinions that disagree with those organizations like the Tea Party and COAST, and Mayoral candidate John Cranley, which whom the challenger and her counsel appear to be associated. An effort or decision to interfere with my right to vote because of my exercise of First Amendment rights would violate my civil rights under the U.S. Constitution.
It should be noted that OVIP doesn't have a great track record (<10% in Hamilton County). Focussing primarily on students, blacks, trailer park residents and anybody in districts that tend to vote Democrat, most of their challenges have been dismissed. County BOEs have found some challenges handy in the case of routing out dead voters. That being said, Cuyahoga, Franklin & Lucas counties tossed out ALL OVIP's challenges.
Performers, people who make a living touring & people who work abroad are all suspects in this insular pack's eyes. ya ain't normal, dammit!
It all comes down to politically motivated harassment & character assassination and as the BOE vote has ruled in Simes' favor with the dissenting vote coming from CO   er Al Triantifilou, there's little doubt otherwise.
UPDATE: Some more details from The Biz Courier

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