Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Clear Choice

There's a clear choice for mayor of Cincinnati on November 5. Roxanne Qualls or John Cranley. The Porktown Fishwrap, in endorsing Cranley correctly points to the great prorgess Cincinnati has made & notes we need to keep it going. Now is not the time to coast, however. The goal is in sight but we need to hammer down & keep pushing. The last mile is always the hardest. Roxanne Qualls is dedicated to pushing forward. John Cranley has made a point to pursuing a very laissez faire approach and just letting Cincinnati work.
That is not acceptable.
Roxanne Qualls is pledged to work with neighborhoods to help them chart their own destinies. She has pledged to infuse our aging police force with fresh blood. In the past she has put walking patrols onto the streets of Cincinnati. She has taken steps & promises to take more to close the city pension fund deficit without taking on debt. Her efforts with the streetcar aim to eliminate blight and create economic opportunity for small local entrepreneurs & small businesses. Her work on modernizing waste disposal has saved millions, improved worker safety & increased the lifespan of our landfill likely saving even more money in the long run.
John Cranley has promised to incur massive debt and embroil the city in expensive no win lawsuits from day one. He has suggested taking on debt to pay down a portion of the pension fund deficit - basically using a credit card to make a house payment. He has promised racial quotas in government contracts. He has promised money for neighborhoods without quantifying their needs. People like free stuff. John Cranley seems to think that everything will just work out in the end.
John Cranley might make a good shepherd but Roxanne Qualls is a leader. Cincinnati needs a strong leader with vision and character - not an ambitious self serving career politician like Cranley. We need Roxanne Qualls for Mayor of Cincinnati in 2013.

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