Thursday, August 29, 2013

City Cleaning Up It's Act

2 recent audits have turned up all sorts of waste and unprofessional practices. The Fishwarp has reported on the police impound lot and, most recently, Lunken Airport.
The audits revealed no fraud or wrongdoing, just a casual business as usual ethos that might have worked in Mayberry but has no place in a large 21st century American city.
These investigations speak highly of our current council & administration. Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls has been pushing for audits of the various city operations for years but past councils have not been too eager. Party machine men like Charlie Luken, John Cranley, Charlie Winburn & Chris Monzel have dropped the ball & watched it roll off the court & into the traffic.
We need Qualls' leadership, vision & professionalism to keep up this momentum & make Cincinnati the model city it has been in the past when people lauded the city for it's forward thinking and professionalism in governance and police & fire departments.

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